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Learning Management Systems

Our team of highly efficient developers with knowledge of E-learning standards and experience will help you implement your desired online LMS. Be it a full-blown web platform for online courses or a simple mobile app for hosting educational content, we have the skills.​ We also provide Quality Assurance services for your E-Learning implementations. We will not interfere with your implementation but provide a third-eye perspective on what needs to be done.​

Shoot us a mail (info@eyecity.ng) and we will take you through a detailed process of assessing your needs and providing a range of relevant solutions. The Education Technology industry is fast-evolving and you need an expert company to chart this course with you. What are you waiting for?

Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

Businesses must embrace innovation to find more efficient ways to meet the ever-expanding needs of today, tackle tomorrow’s challenges, and add value to the overall business success. RPA saves time and money, increases accuracy, and frees up businesses’ teams to focus on high-value work that improves business outcomes.​
Our team is well equipped to assist you with automating your repetitive processes. This will be executed using the steps outlined below:​
  • Develop a RPA Strategy (Operating Model, Business Case, Roadmap)
  • Select an RPA Vendor (UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, etc.)
  • Identify Process Automation Opportunities
  • Develop Proof-of-Concept / Pilot Advisory
  • Conduct RPA Execution Support

AI and Machine Learning

We help with building AI-powered products, developing machine learning algorithms, and implementing predictive analytics to foretell and solve their business challenges. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms will help process unutilized or non-utilized data, identify trends and make decisions to meet specific objectives. The competitive advantage of machine learning holds the key to increase attaining new heights for businesses.
Our AI developers have the great ability to redefine the way businesses work. Our services:
  • Chatbot Development
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • AI Assistant
  • Human to Machine & Machine to Machine Solutions

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