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Eyecity has an overall goal of improving the quality of life of Africans through technology solutions, delivering impactful projects, and offering employment and entrepreneurship support across various sectors.
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EyeCity Solutions

Who We Are

EyeCity is also a pioneer education technology company in Nigeria which offers innovative educational solutions via Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools (such as web and mobile platforms).​

We are a team of consultants with a deep passion for providing technology and educational solutions to identified challenges.​

Our team has a good understanding of human capital development especially the pathways from employment to entrepreneurship/decent jobs and have an overall goal of improving the quality of lives of Africans.​

Our team of consultants have executed several projects across Africa, US and Europe working with various regional partners such as AfDB, UNESCO, MCF, MEST Africa, Impact Lab etc.

What We Offer

In line with our focus, we offer the following services and products to provide an enabling environment for the African population to thrive.
EyeCity Solutions
Education and Employability
EyeCity Solutions
Technology Solutions
EyeCity Solutions
Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship​
EyeCity Solutions
Economic Development

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