About Us

EyeCity Solutions Limited (short-name ‘EyeCity’) is a development consulting firm founded in 2013 with core expertise working across various projects in Africa within the international development and digital innovation space.

EyeCity is also a pioneer education technology company in Nigeria that offers innovative educational solutions via Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools (such as web and mobile platforms).

Our Vision
To be the most innovative and valuable brand in the application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to enhance educational outcomes and create 150,000 decent jobs across Africa by 2030.
Our Mission
The future success of the African continent lies to a large degree in its ability to develop the skills and talents of its ever-growing youth population. An estimated 10 million graduates enter the African workforce each year. By 2040, the continent’s labour force is expected to surpass that of India and China.

Quality education lies at the backbone of Africa’s development and ensuring prosperity..

EyeCity is positioned to be a major catalyst in redefining and transforming the quality and delivery of learning with the use of transformational technology solutions. Simply put, our major goal is to empower the minds of people using readily available ICT tools that will make learning more interactive, affordable, and easily accessible anywhere.

 Our Skills

  • Program Development · 80%
  • Skills Development and Capacity Building · 90%
  • Strategy Development · 80%
  • Regional Program Management · 70%
Service Areas
Our Plans
EyeCity plans to own a state-of-the-art Distance Learning Center where people who do not have access to internet facilities can enroll and enjoy quality educational services from EyeCity’s massive online repository of knowledge. EyeCity plans to host multimedia content (in form of video, audio, e-books and other forms of media) from various third party content providers who want to host trainings, workshops, short tutorials, vocational courses amongst others on EyeCity’s online Learning Management System (LMS). This solutions are funded by the organization, angel investors and private equity investments. 
Our Target Audience
Our target market includes the following: – Individuals such as primary and secondary school students, undergraduates, aged people who cannot be within classroom walls and people seeking to build competence and capacity beyond the usual formal school subjects. – Institutions such as educational institutions, Not-for-Profit educational organizations, registered professional bodies seeking to transform their educational systems and processes with the aid of modern learning technologies.
Awards & Recognitions
Top 5 Finalists, Sterling Bank ‘Meet The Executive’ competition, Top ranked idea under the Education category for the ITU Beyond 2015 Youth Global Summit Idea Challenge.
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