AFDB – Entrepreneurship Establishment Platform

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AFDB – Entrepreneurship Establishment Platform

The EEP is an innovative concept to provide startup and MSME entrepreneurs with the support they need to grow successful businesses that can contribute to job creation and inclusive economic growth in Africa.

During this program we were responsible for the following components:


Development of intuitive capacity-building courses for entrepreneurs across Africa for its Entrepreneurship Establishment Program (EEP). These courses cover entrepreneurs in Anglophone and Francophone Africa.


This involves mapping all stakeholders across the value chain to provide support (capacity development and access to finance) to startups and MSME entrepreneurs for business growth. This entails evaluating the effectiveness of existing entrepreneurship initiatives, SME support services, as well as fund instruments for startups/MSMEs and designing a technology platform to integrate them to amplify impact. We also leveraged ecosystem mapping data to determine gaps in the existing programs to be considered in developing our solution.