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AFDB – Entrepreneurship Establishment Platform

The EEP is an innovative concept to provide startup and MSME entrepreneurs with the support they need to grow successful businesses that can contribute to job creation and inclusive economic growth in Africa.

During this program we were responsible for the following components:

EyeCity Solutions

AFDB –Business Development Services for Enterprise Support Organisations in Ghana

We provided Business Development Support (BDS) services targeted at enterprises and ESOs in Ghana to achieve the following:

  • Increasing the capacity of “enterprise support organizations” (ESOs) such as incubators, accelerators, hubs, financial intermediaries
EyeCity Solutions


Elearn.ng is a vocational skill learning and teaching platform.

The platform hosted interactive e-learning courses across technology, photography, handicrafts, food & confectionary, fashion design, and business categories. The content was developed using video, text-based, slides, animation, and asynchronous methods such as virtual conferencing, etc.

EyeCity Solutions

Bridging the Investment Gap for Women-led Innovations

We aim to contribute to the ongoing work in bridging the gap of women-led businesses by exploring targeted solutions to ensure women possess the required skills to attract investment and sustain the business well after the launch. This will be done using a research report titled ‘Bridging the Investment